Professional and industrial dehumidifiers

Our dehumidifiers selection offers the chance to get comfort, saving energy in your locations, with an italian modern design.

Professional and industrial dehumidifiers

Tecnoklima products are high quality machineries characterized by a particularly well-finished design and by a polished planning of the refrigeratind section which guarantees high performances in every kind of use conditions with extremely low consumptions. Tecnoklima dehumidifiers are powerful and quiet devices which have a valued design, specifically assembled for every kind of use, from domestic structure for small dimensions dehumidifiers, to higher power dehumidifiers particularly sutable for industrial locations and big sized buildings.

Our dehumidifiers 

Our dehumidifiers selection offers the chance to get comfort, saving energy in your locations, with an italian modern design.
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  • Extremely solid
  • Reduced electrical absorption
  • Available with condensation collection tank (excluded industrial dehumidifers)
  • Possibility of direct condensation drain
  • On board humidistat control
  • Anti-overflow automatic device
  • Refrigerator maintenance assistance
  • Washable air filters
  • Pivoting weels to simplify moves (excluded industrial dehumidifers)
  • Electronic card preventing compressor close starts
  • Ecological refrigerant gas R410a
  • Microprocessor control of defrosting cycle (version /S)

Residential and civil dehumidifiers

Suitable for flats, houses and basement rooms.

Professional dehumidifiers

Suitable for shops, archives, cellars and building sites.

Industrial dehumidifiers

Suitable for industries, cheese factories, building yards, cold stores and conservation rooms.

Swimming pools dehumidifiers

Suitable for swimming pools, gyms, fitness centers and locker rooms.

Dehumidifiers for radiant cooling

Suitable for residential and professional locations with radiant cooling.

Dehumidifiers catalog 2018

Tecnoklima 2018 dehumidifiers complete catalog, with all our dehumidification products.

Application sectors

The dehumidifiers and dehumidification systems Tecnoklima S.r.l. have a wide range of civil and industrial application sectors.
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