Tecnoklima is a company located in Granarolo dell’Emilia, in the outskirts of Bologna. Is engaged in the professional and industrial dehumidification, professional and industrial humidification, climate control, civil and industrial air conditioning for over ten years, flanked by a competent technical team and a very efficient distribution of products throughout all the European area. Tecnoklima solves technical problems in areas such as swimming pools, gyms, museums, archives, libraries, wineries, photolithography, industrial packaging, bakeries, pharmaceutical companies, food companies and agricultural producing, processing and storage of food. Our consultants are always available to answer all your needs. Contact us: info@tecnoklima.it

To help you choose the dehumidifier more suited to your needs, our technicians bring the support of experienced professionals available to guide you in finding the best solution. To technical expertise for sure value is added the experience of hundreds of installations in the most various environmental and engineering solutions. Contact us to submit your requests: we will provide expert assistance to identify the best solution for your needs. Request a quote: info@tecnoklima.it

Periodic maintenance is the best way to guarantee your Tecnoklima S.r.l. dehumidifiers. durability and low running costs. Our staff is able to perform on your air treatment machines all the adjustments and maintenance necessary so that they can perform their function in the best way. All of our technicians are prepared and trained to intervene effectively, minimizing downtime. Contact us on the basis of a planned maintenance plan: you will get lower costs and you will be guaranteed on how your equipment works. Contact the assistance office: assistenza@tecnoklima.it