L/24h: 138,2


L/24h: 216,3


L/24h: 333,1


L/24h: 465

DRY-2500 CT

L/24h: 216,3

DRY-4500 CT

L/24h: 333,1

DRY-6500 CT

L/24h: 138,2L/24h: 465

Industrial dehumidifiers

Industrial ducted dehumidifiers can have a fixed or on truck installation and are suitable for large locations or in case treatment of a big amount of air is required. The structure and panels are made of exposy powder painted galvanized steel sheet. The prospect of the air flow to be ducted allows the integration of our devices in suitable places adjacent to humidity control areas and to evenly supply dehumidified air. Our dehumidifiers temperature control is the outward dispersion of the heat collected in the machine inner condenser. In this way it is possible to avoid an excessive heating of the environment due to the direct supply in the room of the dehumidifier thermal load. Once a temperature value compatible with the device is setted up, when the ambience heat passes the temperature value it is redirected to the second condenser external to the hot gas flow produced by the machine. Thanks to their versatility and excellent dehumidification capacity in various operating situations they can also be used in semi-industrial locations such as swimming pools, gymnasiums, autoworkshops, archives and shopping centers.

Industrial dehumidifiers CT are suitable for medium and large sized areas, ideal for heavy work. Each CT dehumidifier is equipped with two different batteries: the first one composed by a pre-cooling section and the second one intended for the post-cooling. Both sections have to be supplied with refrigerated water in the suggested quantity and temperature. Pre and post-cooling sections assure an increase in the efficiency and better dehumidification performances. Furthermore, the post-cooling section can control the room temperature if needed. The temperature control functions are managed by the integrated electric panel, by the active temperature industrial probe and by the three-way valve. The higher efficiency in terms of condensation and temperature control makes the units of our CT line perfect in the productive process of modification or processing of materials which require precise temperature and humidity conditions.

PRE-COOLING BATTERY: The pre-cooling battery on the front of the unit helps to increase the condensation efficiency. The pre-cooling battery is perfect to control the environmental temperature and to increase the efficiency in condensation at the same time.

POST-COOLING BATTERY: The post-cooled battery above the unit is used to control the environmental temperature. The post-cooling battery is perfect to control the environmental temperature and to increase the efficiency in condensation at the same time.