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L/24h: 44


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Professional dehumidifiers

Tecnoklima refrigerating cycle professional air dehumidifiers (in particular KT-38, KT-58 and KT-80) are planned for professional and semi-professional uses. They are provided with a structure made of exposy powder painted galvanized steel sheet and four pivoting wheels to ease moving. Dehumidifiers are compact and extremely reilable and they need a very little maintenance. Our refrigerating cycle professional dehumidifiers are entirely assembled in factory, exposed to vacuum cycle tightness test and filled with R407c eco-friendly refrigerant. Our dehumidifiers owe their reliability and une versatility to a specific care in the creation of the refrigerating section, indeed they are exposed to a complete functional trial before the shipment. All the devices comply with European Directives, bear the CE mark and are accompained by a comprehensive instruction booklet with conformity certifications.

Relative humidity phenomenom in new and restoration buildings is highlighted by walls thermal insulation and window fixtures hermetic closure which do not allow the essential air replacement. Building site specific series dehumidifiers use is essential in these cases. The inner side of wall is much hotter when there is thermal insulation: in case the insulation has not been accurately layed it is possible the manifestation of spots on the wall which start a link between the hot inner and the cooler outer if not sufficiently insulated. These spots in addition to dispersion of heat outward the room are the main cause of the humidity existence and the development of moulds, especially in new houses and building sites.