CTO-3200 STD

L/24h: 33

CTO-3200 NW

L/24h: 25

CTO-3200 DC

L/24h: 33

CTO-6800 STD

L/24h: 68

CTO-6800 NW

L/24h: 52

CTO-6800 DC

L/24h: 68

Dehumidifiers ceiling ducted

Tecnoklima dehumidifiers and dheu-airconditioner with horizontal installation are planned to be used with wall/ floor/ ceiling cooling system with radiant panels. Dheu-airconditioners differentiate from common dehumidifiers because they can operate both in dehumidification or air conditioning function producing an integration cooling load in the environment. They can integrate with the radient cooling system in the location. They can reach higher performance than other devices with the same power taking advantage of the system cooling water for pre-cooling treatment of the air. They also can release in the environment neutral temperature air, that is the air temperature has not increased in comparison with the entry air flow.