L/24h: 14

ICS-3200 STD

L/24h: 33

ICS-3200 NW

L/24h: 25

ICS-3200 DC

L/24h: 33

Dehumidifiers recessed wall

Wall mounted dheu-airconditioners are planned to be used with wall and floor cooling system with radiant panels. They differentiate from common dehumidifiers because they can operate both in standard dehumidification or air conditioning function producing an integration cooling load in the environment. Dheu-airconditioners can integrate radiant panels systems refrigerating power in cooling function leading cooled air into the environment. They guarantee air dehumidification in neutral conditions, that is the air at the end of dehumidification process is returned at the same temperature it was when collected. Basically, they don’t generate thermal loads in the environment. They also guarantee air dehumidification with low air flow, with an high level of noise reduction and avoiding annoying air steams which are typical of traditional airconditioning systems. Tecnoklima dehumidifiers are built in walls thickness and are available in two different models, KT-1500 and ICS-3200, the latter has three different versions: STANDARD, NO WATER and DEUCLIMA.