DRY-2500 ICE

L/24h: 216,3

DRY-4500 ICE

L/24h: 333,1

DRY-6500 ICE

L/24h: 465

Refrigerating rooms dehumidifiers

Our Tecnoklima dehumidifiers specific for refrigerating rooms are planned to supervise the high and unwanted increase of relative humidity during the storage and the conservation of the product. They are usually used in onion, garlic and shallot conservation rooms, hazelnuts conservation rooms, chocolate conservation rooms, ham aging rooms, cured meats aging and conservation rooms, eggs conservation rooms, grapes drying cold rooms, etc. The KT models structure is made of galvanised and painted steel foil. The coils are made of copper pipes and aluminium fins. It owns an high performance hermetic compressor and a centrifugal fan. It is provided with thermostatic valve, minimun and maximum pressure switch and drying filter. An electronic card which is connected to an antifreeze probe monitors dehumidifier defrosting cycle and main operation parameters.